Underwear Tuesday

Nude and erotic photography and such. Not a porn blog.

18+ only, forreal, this includes submits and what not.
You remind me of Mako from Kill la Kill
by Anonymous

This could be accurate. 

i saw on your list of "want" you put public sex. give me a few situations/instances/examples? i didnt quite understand
by Anonymous

Like…sex in a public place. Dressing room, side street, in a park, an empty room in a public building.

how do you maintain such a nice body? not to sound creepy. i just really admire your figure, its very flattering and ive been trying to lose some weight. hope i didnt bother by asking! xx
by Anonymous

Honestly I don’t do anything to maintain it. I don’t exercise, I eat inconsistently, as in I eat a combination of unhealthy things with occasional healthy things and my appetite changes. I have had a fast metabolism my whole life (it has slowed down over the past couple years though). I am not perfect but I’m content. The only reason I do keep trying to change my habits to be healthier is to feel healthier. You just have to find what works for you because everyone’s body is different.