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have you ever plinked a pinkerwinker simply for pleasure's sake??
by Anonymous

I feel like maybe yes?

hi beautiful! Is it unattractive for girls who do shave to have hair growing back slightly during sex or do you think it will put the other person off if they prefer shaved?
by Anonymous

Nope. If you shave hair off it will grow back. If someone has a problem with it they are dumb because it is a small irrelevant detail.

describe the feeling and smell of your last fart
by Anonymous

Well I didn’t smell it. It was just one of those airy morning farts, so basically the best kind. (I’m sorry?)

Now I want tiramisu.


Do you find sex more emotionally and/or physically satisfying if your partner ejaculates inside you?
by Anonymous


If you could choose what your pussy tasted like, what would you choose? Idk.


Do the tmi Tuesday thing.

Ask me the things.

Tmi this Tuesday.


Is it normal for girls to have hair like in their crack? :/ I have very corse hair & it's also there. I'm super insecure about it because I feel like most girls don't have hair there.
by Anonymous

Yup. Humans tend to grow hair in many crevices. Including the butt crack and around your butt hole.

I have a question about pubic hair? I had basically been told since 8th grade that boys only like shaved pubes and to be honest I don't have bushy or thick pubic hair and I'm fine with it as it is but idk if it's not necessarily normal?? Like if a boy would be weirded out if I did have a little bush? Idk if this is weird but like I find it more unattractive with razor bumps and it's painful and there's this cycle of shaved/unshaved...?
by Anonymous

Do whatever you want with it and whatever you’re comfortable with. Everyone likes different things, but don’t determine what you do with your body based on other peoples opinions. If someone doesn’t like it, that is their problem, not yours. Do what you want bb.